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Meeting snow/inclement weather policy

Membership Meetings - With a forecast of inclement weather, the governing board will make a

decision and notify all members/attendees by email by 6pm, the day before the meeting.

Governing board meetings will be determined by the president and communicated to board

members and committee chairs by 7:30 am the day of the meeting. Governing Board meetings

may be held via electronic/digital media such as Zoom or other media, as long as all attendees

of the Board are visible live on camera for voting purposes. Any meetings that are recorded

must receive participant permission which can be in the form of people entering their

acceptance in the chat section of the call.

Travel reimbursement for speakers

If a speaker travels over 25 miles in total to attend a Network meeting they be given a $30 gift

card. Unpaid speakers may also be given a $30 gift card.

If a current State or National Women’s Council of Realtors Officer is officially invited to attend a

meeting of the Frederick Network of the Women’s Council of Realtors, their meeting fee, food

and refreshments will be paid by the Frederick Network.

Condolences, flowers or gift donations

Death: If a member of the Women’s Council of Realtors, Frederick Network dies, or a Leadership

figure in the Maryland or National Women’s Council of Realtors dies, a $75 gift of flowers or a

$75 donation to a charity in memory of the deceased may be made. The charity supported will

be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

In the event of the death of a spouse/partner/child/parent or immediate sibling a donation of

$30.00 may be made to a charity in memory of the deceased. The charity supported will be at

the discretion of the board of directors.

Member serious illness: If it is brought to the attention of the Board that a member has

become seriously ill and/or is hospitalized, the member and/or the member’s family will be

contacted and asked if their address/contact details can be made public to the membership so

that people can send cards of encouragement, arrange services such as a Meal Train or provide

other help as needed. A one time purchase of flowers, or food, plus a card on behalf of the

Members of the Frederick Network to a total of $75 may be sent to the ill Member.

Charitable donations – All charitable donations will require Board authorization and must be

brought before the Governing Board and approved in the form of a motion.

Travel, Meals and Accommodation:

Reimbursement for attendance at National meetings - When an officer of the Network is

traveling to a leadership event representing the Women’s Council of Realtors, their airfare,

accommodation and transportation will be reimbursed at 100% of the cost upon presentation of

receipts. Travel will be reimbursed at a standard, not premium fare,and will cover all forms of

transportation. Accommodation must be in line with the event organizer discount rate rate, and

sharing is encouraged. The current year’s Government Per diem rate for standard meal &

incidental expenses will apply.

Member’s scholarship fund:

Members will be eligible to apply for a scholarship to attend NAR designation classes. In order

to apply the member will need to send a formal letter of request to the Board, which should

include a description of the class, class cost, and how this class will improve their ability as a real

estate professional. All active members are eligible to apply. The definition of an active

member is someone who is current on their membership dues and has attended at least 6 WCR

Business Resource Meetings in the last 12 months. The maximum annual amount of each

award is $50 and the board can approve 10 scholarships per year.

Bank account:

3 members of the Governing Board will be given signing and access authority to the Network

Bank Account. These will be the current President, President-Elect, and Treasurer. An e-alert

should be set up to notify all 3 members via text or email should an amount in excess of $500

be spent.

Visitor Status

The Women’s Council of Realtors, Frederick is a member supported organization. In order to

continue to provide a high quality of programs we encourage all visitors to join the organization.

Visitors may attend 2 meetings as a non-member, and at the third meeting should be

encouraged to join as a WCR member. Where events are free there will be no guest charge.

Where there is a cover charge, guests or their sponsors will be charged the member rate plus an

additional $15. Should the guest attend a 3rd meeting within one calendar year, they will be

charged an additional and ongoing $20. Guests should be encouraged to become members.

During a WCR “recruiting campaign” a visitor who is a guest of a member will only be charged


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