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Welcome to the Women’s Council of Realtors, Frederick website! 
I am excited that you stopped by and hope you find the information helpful.

We are looking to appoint the 2022 Board - Do you have an interest in serving?

As our world begins to open again after the strains of the past year, our Network is moving forward to start up in-person meetings again, and hopefully, a return to a more personalized and in-depth experience!  One of our first important tasks will be to appoint an incoming Board for 2022.  

One of the slogans I love in the Women’s Council of Realtors is “Leaders Are Made Here” .  While some may feel daunted, this truly is a wonderful organization with the reach and content to make a difference in the professionalism of our Realtor community here in Frederick and Nationwide!  You do not have to be a seasoned Realtor to be a part of the Board, you just need to have the vision and energy for what it takes to make a difference, and the desire to work with and get to know our Community and to support new leadership, learning and opportunities.  

On August 12th, we will be holding our Annual Crab Feast, which is also when we will hold elections for our 2022 Board positions. I want to encourage you – regardless of how long you have been a Realtor, to consider becoming a Leader, and to take on a role in our local Network. You might be thinking " I can't possibly put one more thing on my plate" yet there are so many options for becoming involved!  You can put yourself forward as a candidate for the Board (President-Elect, Programming Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Membership Chair) or if you feel that is too big a role, as a member of one of our Project Teams.

We want to ensure that now that we can re-engage more personally with our membership, we are able to harness your positive energy, ideas and experience to make our Network lively, relevant and engaging, and to grow it year after year. 

Our new year (fiscally and administratively) begins December 2021. At the December Board Meeting our current Board will sunset with me as President and the new 2022 Board will commence with Leigh Ann Fangmeyer as President. Leigh has some fantastic new ideas and has my full support and confidence!

Here are how the positions are filled.

Elected by general membership vote:

President-Elect and Treasurer

 Appointed by 2022 incoming President

Secretary, Membership Director, Programs Director (also known as the Events Director)

Chosen by that Project Team's members or if no members, chosen by the new Board

Education Chair, Social Chair, Media Chair, Ways and Means Chair

 If you would like to take on a role, please submit your application to our Candidate Review Team July 12th. See the attached files for commitment letter and position descriptions. Your application will be forwarded to the Candidate Review Project Team for qualification review, and as approved, will be added to the Ballot for our vote on August 12th.  Our Ballot is published to the general membership 10 days prior to the Elections. If for some reason the Crab Feast is delayed, so too will the elections.

The Candidate Review Team is : Barbara Davis, Mary Ratchford, Sandy Olson and Paul Katrivanos

As taken from our Bylaws and Standing Rules.

 ARTICLE IV - THE GOVERNING BOARD Section 1: The government of the Network shall be vested in the Governing Board which shall consist of the President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, Program Director and Membership Director all of whom shall be entitled to vote. The Secretary must be a REALTOR® member and is appointed by the incoming President-elect. The Program Director must be a REALTOR® member and is appointed by the incoming President. The Membership Director may be either a REALTOR® member or a National Affiliate member and is appointed by the incoming President. Each appointment must be approved by the current year’s (e.g. outgoing) Governing Board.

ARTICLE IX - ELECTION OF OFFICERS Section 1: The election of officers shall be held at the Annual Election Meeting of the Network which shall be held no later than October 15 each year. Section 2: (A.) Election of officers shall be by viva voce or roll call vote, or written ballot if there are two or more nominees for an office. Each Active and National Affiliate member may cast one vote. A majority of those present and entitled to vote shall elect. When there are more than two nominees for any office and there is no majority on the first ballot, the two candidates receiving the greatest number of votes cast shall remain on the ballot and a run-off election shall be held between these two candidates. The candidate receiving the majority of votes cast in the run-off election shall be declared the winner. 

If you have ideas, energy, and the desire to build relationships for your business and leadership growth, I would love to hear from you! 


Nicole Aliev, 2021 President, Women’s Council of Realtors, Frederick

WCR Frederick Network Election Information.pdf

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